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More About Brambles

Brambles is based at Bowling Green Farm, a working smallholding owned and run by Julie and Alan Edwards, and their family.

Brambles started out in 2002 breeding special breeds of farm animals for sale as pets. Since then the vision of the company has broadened to encompass care services and country-side skills education for people of all ages, and all abilities, including those with special needs.

“Brambles” is the theme and brand name for the following businesses:

  • Brambles Special Breeds is a smallholding which breeds and promotes special and rare breeds of animals, in particular farm animals such as Angora and Pygmy Goats, Kune Kune Pigs, Rheas, Rabbits and many breeds of poultry. This business has been running for several years. www.specialbreeds.co.uk
  • Brambles Living Farm provides Care Farm and Animal Assisted Therapy activities for people of all ages with special needs. This venture commenced operations in September 2009. www.livingfarm.co.uk
  • Brambles Country College provides a range of educational courses from vocational study programmes for individual children and young people, through one off and regular structured courses for schools and special groups to Special one day courses for adults who want to learn about running a smallholding.

We believe that the countryside is an ideal place to grow our business. Like us, there are more and more people wanting to live closer to the land, experience the good life, and whilst doing so give something back to the natural world.

We are situated in the middle of Castlemorton Common, which is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty with spectacular views over the Malvern Hills and the Severn Valley. There is an air of safe haven, calmness, quiet and beauty. This naturally leads to a feeling of wellbeing and supports a relaxed way of learning.

We usually have around 20 Kune Kune Pigs and piglets, 10-15 Pygmy Goats, and several hundreds of Poultry with their chicks of all sorts of breeds, sizes and colours. All of the animals are bred to be kept or sold as pets, and none of them are eaten. All of our animals have an excellent temperament. They are easy to manage, and are perfect for children and people with special needs to be able to get close to, touch and build relationships with.

We are small farm, and so when our clients and visitors are here, there is no heavy machinery moving about, or large unpredictable animals. Of course, we are always improving our facilities and learning how to do things better, so if you have good ideas please let us know.