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About Country College

Brambles is in the middle of a beautiful open common. The farmyard has plenty of parking space, off which there is the animal barn, the studios and farm machinery barn and the main entrance through our large enclosed sensory garden.

Brambles is not like the traditional vast scary mainstream school environment.
The animal barn is a big open building with a busy animal community where’s there’s lots going on, especially at feed-time! There are also quieter times when everyone has had breakfast. This when animal care, housekeeping and project work gets going.
There are pens which have inside areas opening out to paddocks. The Pigs, Goats and Rheas and Ducks live in these.
Of course some of the smaller creatures need to live in caged areas, to protect them from getting lost and from predators. Ours live in large pens, in happy mixed communities of rabbits, chickens, ducks and other special creatures. Many of the pens have been made by students.

The Den is our the hub of activity where we plan tasks for the day, meet to see how everyone is getting on and talk about what we’ve learned so far. It’s also where we bring the smaller animals for the students to engage even more closely in physical activities, such as recognising the signs of an animal’s wellbeing, grooming and, if necessary, applying any treatments.

Over the past year we have developed some new Studio rooms. The Cochin “Coaching” studio has tables, whiteboards and computers for study and artwork. The Pekin “Peeking” studio is a photographic room, and The Pig-Inn is where we have our breaks and lunch.

The new sensory garden is a place to rest and relax surrounded by animals and flowers, and talk to Izzy the farm cat.